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Citizen Scholars
Donors and Community

Our Citizen Scholars students are committed to and engaged with, not only their academic endeavors, but our community and the issues we face together as a society. The overarching goal of an arts and humanities education is to cultivate Humanitas –– the practices and attitudes that support an active life of public service, as well as a meaningful, fulfilling private life. To be a Citizen Scholar is to always aspire, to always see giving as receiving, and to always know that our lives are defined by what we do in the world, and how we do it. Our students are making choices every day that ask more of them as citizens, as scholars, and as people.

Community Agencies and Groups

If your agency, group, or business is looking for dedicated, capable, engaged volunteers, interns, or employees, if you want to help us bridge the gap between the university and the community, if you have a project that needs enthusiasm and vision, talk to us about our students.  By getting in touch, you’re helping them to help you achieve your goals, as well as their own goals and dreams. Click here to see some of our students in action.

Make a Gift

Our students in the Citizen Scholars Program come from every department in the College of Arts and Letters, representing a wide range of majors, an extensive spectrum of commitments, and a far-reaching array of talents, interests, and hopes. Gifts to the Citizen Scholars Program will go directly to support student enrichment. We want to work with you to be sure that your gift gives to the students, and also gives you the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that the meaningful support of others can confer. Click here to see our students in action. Click here to make a gift to the Citizen Scholars Program.

To learn more about ways to support this program, please contact Bridget Paff.