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Citizen Scholars
Citizen Scholars

The Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars program is designed to prepare the next generation of diverse, high achieving, and engaged citizen leaders. Students aspiring to be Citizen Scholars are encouraged to succeed academically while gaining experience in high-impact learning environments such as study abroad, study away, internships, service learning in the community, and civic interactions. The program prepares students for meaningful careers and leadership roles in this complex and interconnected 21st-century world, cultivating commitments to diversity, inclusiveness, social justice, and the positive transformation of self and society.

green-laurel-leaves-hi.pngOpen to All: The Citizen Scholars program provides all Arts & Letters majors with the opportunity to perform their way into academic excellence and advanced cultural and civic understanding, regardless of their initial academic standing.

icon-graduation-cap.pngBeyond Honors: The program integrates applied and experiential learning with more traditional classroom instruction. Our holistic approach to education gives students the inspiration, material resources, and practical tools to put their arts and humanities training to work in the world. 

Start the Journey, Become a Citizen Scholar

Please be advised registration is for incoming freshmen. 



Steps to Success: Aspiration > Reward > Elevated Expectations

This program supports those who work hard and who are determined to succeed, which is at the very core of the university’s land-grant mission.




Citizen Scholars complete challenging courses, engage with diverse communities in and beyond the university, broaden their cultural experience, and achieve academic excellence. Careful mentoring and guidance support student success as they aspire.


Successful Citizen Scholars are rewarded with $5,000 of funding to support high-impact learning experiences that are otherwise beyond reach for many students, such as study abroad or study away, internships, and undergraduate research.

Elevated Expectations

Students then meet elevated expectations, integrating principled leadership and civic responsibility, mentoring their peers, and bringing their enriched knowledge and skills to bear on our most significant social questions and issues in real-world contexts. As they continue to develop, they give back to their university and to the larger world. 

These high achieving, civically-engaged undergraduates will become the next generation of inclusive, ethical collaborators and leaders, shaping our shared future.



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P: (517) 355-0366
Email: cscholar@msu.edu