Through your help and support, Citizen Scholars are capable of incredible things. You can help by becoming an alumni ambassador or by making a gift.

Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of their alma mater. As an alum, you have a unique opportunity to help engage prospective students, talk to prospective families about what MSU means to them, and articulate to prospective students the reasons why you attended MSU and what it means to you today.

Alumni play an integral role in both exposing students to careers and providing expertise on entering specific career fields. We need your help to ensure the success of future leaders by connecting with student through the Citizen Scholars Program. Become an alumni ambassador for the Citizen Scholars Program and engage with students about your career path, provide internships, and mentor students. 

  • Engage with students regionally when they are participating in a CAL study away/abroad program.
  • Help with student recruitment by attending recruitment events and sharing your story with parents/potential CAL students.
  • Play a role in supporting and empowering CAL students during the admission process as well as their time at MSU
  • Provide an internship or practicum experience – allowing you to connect with a current student and provide them with hands-on experience and insider’s view of the day-to-day activities of your profession.
  • Reinforce with students that career development is a key component of a College of Arts & Letters education, and exposure to diverse career opportunities is critical to discovering career direction.
  • Provide College of Arts & Letters students with advice on careers, industry trends, and how to break into/be competitive in a particular field. This can be as a guest speaker, panelist, event host, resume/cover letter reviewer, or mock interviewer.
  • Provide students with real-world experiences – from developing professional networking skills to building networks that students help students connect academic and extracurricular experiences with career opportunities.
  • Provide details on open positions within your organization.

Do you want to be an Alumni Ambassador? Email the CS Program Coordinator at

Make a gift and tell others why you give. Every gift counts here at MSU – and helps MSU and the College succeed. Philanthropy plays an important role in helping students reach their academic dreams. 

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