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Citizen Scholars
Getting Started

Take some risks . . . try something new . . . step out of the ordinary . . . embrace the unexpected . . . explore the options available . . . imagine the possibilities . . .

Beyond full participation in your courses, the most important first step is to get involved in whatever excites you. It’s especially important in the first year in the program to consult frequently with faculty, advisers, and others in the program to identify opportunities and experiences that will be take you into new territory and give you new ways of seeing and thinking.

Start thinking now about study abroad, looking into programs that might benefit you. It may seem that your choices are obvious, but if you consider your options from a broader perspective, you may discover something you hadn’t anticipated, a change from and a challenge to your most comfortable choices.

Do some online research about the communities here in the immediate region, and their connections to communities elsewhere. Consider what issues, questions, problems, and concerns most interest you, and how your work in the community might relate to those interests. Consult with us about how to create opportunities – we’re eager to help you plot a course and get to where you want to go.

How to Decide

As you complete the requirements for the Aspirational phase of the CS program, your interactions with the program adviser, your department adviser, and your peers will help you to discover how and where you wish to devote your time and effort beyond the classroom. This experimentation and discovery phase should guide you toward a faculty mentor who can further assist you in identifying the path and objectives appropriate to your development. Your reflections and yearly plans are also intended to provide opportunities to consider where you are, where you’d like to go next, and how to get there.

As you begin to recognize more concretely what you want to accomplish, you’ll be well-positioned to select a study abroad or study away program that best suits your goals and needs, and that will provide the foundation from which you may request full Citizen Scholar status and apply for funding to support those goals and needs. As always, the program Director and Adviser are ready and willing to work with you on defining and creating the path to your future.