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First-year Citizen Scholars-- Are you considering Study Abroad or Study Away this spring or summer? The application for Supplemental CS Scholarships is now open! 

The Citizen Scholars Supplemental Study Abroad Scholarship is designed to provide financial support to aspiring Citizen Scholars in good standing who have compelling and clearly articulated goals best served by participating in a study abroad program prior to full admittance to the Citizen Scholars program or fully admitted Citizen Scholars who have compelling and clearly articulated goals best served by participating in a study abroad program for which they require more support funding than the $5000 allotted to each Citizen Scholar. This is a financial award to be used toward a credit-bearing MSU study abroad program. The number and amount of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year. Application deadlines are October 15 (spring programs) and March 1 (summer, fall and academic year programs)Go to the application

Study Abroad is one of the most significant learning experiences for many students. We know that students who travel abroad for educational purposes undertake a wide range of learning opportunities that enrich the student’s skills, capacities, and knowledge beyond what is possible in traditional classroom interactions. The structure and support provided by effective study abroad programs guide students toward reflecting upon and giving voice to their growing understanding and awareness, and helps them to become more knowledgeable about their world and their opportunities to make meaningful contributions.

Michigan State University has a long history of international engagement and has led the nation in study abroad participation among public universities for the last six years. Our Office of Study Abroad administers over 275 programs taking place in more than 60 countries around the world. Each year, close to 3,000 students are transformed by their educational experiences outside of the United States and can be found in classrooms, research labs, field stations, and internships sites throughout the world.

Getting excited about going on a study abroad program is easy, but figuring out which program will provide you with the best options and opportunities may take a little more effort.

Begin your exploration at the Study Abroad website, and be sure to discuss your ideas with the program adviser, your department adviser, and the faculty who lead the programs you’re interested in exploring.

This page, which provides guidelines for students just beginning to think about studying abroad, is especially helpful.