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Citizen Scholars

Who We Are:

Our Citizen Scholars students and faculty come from every department in the College of Arts and Letters. We bring these extraordinary people together to undertake an extraordinary adventure – the transformation of undergraduate education, the excitement of teaching and learning to take on tomorrow’s challenges today, and the mission of training the next generation of global citizens committed to creating a more just, inclusive, and ethical world.


063417-green-grunge-clipart-icon-people-things-people-speaker-sc44.pngCore Course Faculty: these faculty have devoted their time & energy to creating core courses for the program that provide students with unique learning opportunities and challenges. These are small classes available only to Citizen Scholars students; they share a general focus on social and political structures, democratic discourse, the issues we face in our communities, and the role of the arts and humanities in critical debate about such issues.

063393-green-grunge-clipart-icon-people-things-people-carry-suitcase-sc44.pngOption Course Faculty: these faculty have identified or adapted courses to qualify them as selective option courses for the Citizen Scholars program. These are departmental courses available to all students who meet the departmentally-defined prerequisites and other requirements, as well as aligning with the criteria established by the CS program.


063418-green-grunge-clipart-icon-people-things-people-student-study.pngThe Citizen Scholars students are involved in a wide range of challenging, creative, transformative experiences and activities in their courses, in their departments, in the college, the university, and the broader community. Read about some of our students here, or see them in action here.


Meet the Citizen Scholars Program Director , the Citizen Scholars Program Coordinator/Adviser , and the Citizen Scholars Secretary.