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babana.jpgDr. Babana-Hampton
Associate Professor of French in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies. Research and teaching interests include Francophone postcolonial studies;theories of narrative, representation, and inter-art dialogue in relation to questions of gender, cultural memory & the modern notion of agency. Areas of interest as a Faculty Facilitator are Immigration/Refugee Issues, Art Education (Art as Intervention), and Race/Ethnicity/Religion; also can assist with Civic Engagement, Environmental Issues & Feminisms/Genders/Sexualities.


Ms. Teresa Dunndunn.JPG
Dunn is a visual artist (painting) in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design. Her narrative figure paintings respond to storytelling traditions that span from the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez to David Lynch's non-linear films.
Her main area of interest as a Faculty Facilitator is "Art Education (Art as Intervention)." She can also direct students to colleagues in her department who are artists/activists dealing with issues pertaining to all of the remaining categories.


Fraiberg_Steve.jpgDr. Steven Fraiberg
Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures. His research and teaching interests intersect with social justice, culture, and globalization.
His main areas of interest as a faculty Facilitator are Art Education (Art as Intervention), Race/Ethnicity/Religion, Immigration/Refugee Issues, and Civic engagement from cross-cultural and global perspectives.


bd052489f9d82486549038784422c759_f385.jpgDr. Christian Lotz
Professor of Post-Kantian European philosophy in the Department of Philosophy. His current research and teaching interests are in classical German phenomenology, critical theory, Marx, Marxism, aesthetics, and contemporary European political philosophy; web: christianlotz.com
His main areas of interest as a Faculty Facilitator are Immigration/Refugee Issues and Art Education (Art as Intervention).



Dr. Emery Petchauer
Associate Professor of literature & culture in the Department of English & in the College of Education. He is also coordinator of the Secondary English Education program. His teaching and research interests include hip-hop studies, teacher development, justice-oriented teaching, urban education, and high-stakes testing.
His main areas of interest as a Faculty Facilitator for CS students are Art Education (Art as Intervention) and Race/Ethnicity/Religion. 


stowe.JPGDr. David Stowe
Professor of Contemporary US literature and culture in the Departments of English and Religious Studies. His teaching and research interests lie at the intersection of music, religion, popular culture, and U.S. history. 
His main areas of interest as Faculty Facilitator for CS students are Civic Engagement and Race/Ethnicity/Religion


72b97cc3d27f76935bb59195ac8ba41d_f196.jpgDr. Camelia Suleiman 
Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies in the Department of Linguistics and Languages. Her research and teaching interests include issues of language and identity in Arabic contexts.
Her main interests as Faculty Facilitator for CS students are refugee issues and race, ethnicity and religion. 


AnnFolinoWhite.jpgDr. Ann Folino White
A theatre scholar and artist in the Department of Theater. Her teaching interests include American popular theatre from the late-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century as it intersects with social and political concerns, including those of gender, race and class, and food politics.
Her main areas of interest as a faculty facilitator are Art as intervention and Feminisms/Genders/Sexuality

Student Advisory Board 

Katrina Carulla Studo Art  
Llana Cooper Linguistics 
Abigail Crick English
Sarah Davis French
Eli Drake Theatre
Claire Gault Professional Writing
Isabel Humphrey-Phillips        Art History & Visual Culture
Miranda Kalinowski English
Christian Keathley Humanities-Prelaw
Molly Killingbeck Art Education
Samuel Meade Theatre
Lindsey Mutz Film Studies 
Kelly Phalen Graphic Design
Mariah Tedder English
Cyrin Watson English
Triniti Watson Interdisciplinary Humanities 
Marissa Weil English
Justin Wentland Theatre