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Lindsey Mutz

Lindsey Mutz

Citizen Scholar

Double Major: Film Studies and English

Film Studies and English double major Lindsey Mutz explains how the Citizen Scholar program at Michigan State University provides her with opportunities to become a better artist, a more rounded student, and a more conscientious global citizen.

Why did you join the Citizen Scholar program?
I received an email about being a Citizen Scholar prior to starting school and immediately knew it was a great fit. The values that the program focuses on are incredibly important. They stress being engaged with the community around us, and I really want to do more of that. I want to grow as a person and engage with the community more than I have in the past.

I’m also really excited about the people I’ve met so far. We all value the arts and humanities, and everyone is passionate about what we’re pursuing. It’s very reassuring to be surrounded by like-minded people who have different backgrounds than you.

Why is knowing your community an important part of your education?
It’s important for a student to be engaged with the community so they can learn from others and grow with their surroundings. It helps you be successful in the future, in your life and your career. I would love to find a local volunteer organization in the arts and help with that organization. I want to make a difference in East Lansing or in my hometown through combining my passion for art and desire to make our communities better.

What opportunities are you looking forward to with the Citizen Scholar program?
Internships and study abroad are something I really want to do. It’s experience that stands out to future employers and helps you a lot in the job market. Study abroad also makes you appreciate cultures, and that’s what we strive to be as Citizen Scholars – we want to be global citizens. We want to start by being actively engaged in our local community and then expand to understanding the nation’s problems, and then the world’s. I hope to become more cognizant of my role as a student and a citizen of East Lansing in my years here at Michigan State University.

What are you doing now at MSU to prepare for your future?
I’m a part of several sketch comedy shows where I write scripts with MSU Telecasters. I am also a submission reader for the Red Cedar Review. I want to take advantage of all the opportunities MSU as to offer. There are so many ways to become a better artist and hone my craft in aspects of filmmaking and writing. I would love to go on a study abroad or do an internship with a late night show like Seth Meyers. Hopefully, the support funding I receive as part of the Citizen Scholar program will enable me to have those really impactful experiences. I hope to one day be a screenwriter for a TV show, or direct and create my own TV show. Being in the Citizen Scholar program is the first step toward completing those goals.