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Citizen Scholars

The Arts & Letters Citizen-Scholar program is designed to prepare the next generation of diverse, high achieving, and engaged citizen leaders.

Students aspiring to be Arts & Letters Citizen Scholars will be encouraged to succeed academically while gaining experience in high impact learning environments such as study abroad, study away, service learning, and internships. You will build upon the strengths of an arts and humanities education—multi-modal communication, critical, analytical, and analogical thinking, ethical imagination, and global awareness—mobilizing your knowledge and skills to connect to the community and to the world. We challenge you and support you as you achieve higher levels of academic excellence, and you in turn challenge yourselves to contribute to positive transformations in local, regional, national, and global conditions. Graduates of the program will be well positioned to navigate paths to meaningful careers and to take on leadership roles in a complex and interconnected 21st century world.  

The Arts & Letters Citizen-Scholar Program has three fundamental dimensions:

Aspiration. Students with at least one major in CAL will be invited to track into the program regardless of their previous academic record.  Students entering MSU in fall 2016 may choose to pursue the track by registering for the program, taking two courses unique to the program, and meeting other co-curricular requirements. 

Reward.Those who successfully meet these requirements will receive a minimum of $5,000 in financial assistance to use for study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, or other approved transformative educational experiences, as well as access to additional resources and programming as they complete their programs at MSU.

Higher ExpectationsStudents will be challenged to meet extra arts and letters related requirements and to perform at a higher level to graduate with an Arts & Letters Citizen-Scholar designation. All students in the program will receive the resources needed to help them meet these expectations and excel at MSU. At the end of their second year students who fulfil expectations will be considered Citizen-Scholar.

The first year experience for aspiring Citizen-Scholar includes participation in co-curricular activities and taking two courses.  Each course will focus on the ways that arts and humanities contribute to democratic discourse and respond to social, cultural, and political problems and issues. The first course will fulfill students’ Tier I writing requirement; students who have placed out of Tier I writing will still be required to take this course to be in the Citizen-Scholar program, which employs writing and other media to engage with the relationships between self, others, and democratic society.  The second course will fulfill the first-level IAH requirement and will more directly focus on the ways that arts and humanities can contribute to solving social, cultural, and political problems through various modes of democratic participation, critique, and engagement.

Honors students majoring in the College of Arts and Letters are encouraged to commit to becoming Citizen Scholars as well. The CS program offers unique educational and co-curricular opportunities, provides effective advising and mentoring, and increases the resources already available to you through the Honor’s College. Joining Citizen Scholars is a win-win for honors students!

Start the Journey, Become a Citizen Scholar

Please be advised registration is for incoming freshmen. 
Priority Registration Deadline is May 1, 2018