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Citizen Scholars

Comprehensive Badge: Citizen Scholar

Description: This credential represents achievements in four major areas of scholarly endeavor.

In order to receive this credential, participants must:

  1. Demonstrate competency by completing the yearly requirements for the Comprehensive badge.
  2. Demonstrate competency by achieving badges in:
    • Global Leadership
    • Professional Networking
    • Research and Creative Activity
    • Civic Engagement
  3. Complete 12 credits of the CS option courses; only 3 CS Option credits may be at the 200 level; the remainder must be 300-level or higher.
  4. Complete AL 101, AL/CS110 and AL/CS210 with a passing grade.

Global Leadership

This credential is achieved through participation in cultural activities, policy discussions, and the engagement with issues affecting social political and economic conditions across regional, national, and cultural boundaries – generally, coursework does not count for this category; events should be co-curricular.

Professional Networking

This credential is achieved through active engagement with public professionals and development of skills and practices necessary for a professional life in Arts & Letters fields.

Research and Creative Activity

This credential is achieved through participation in socially-engaged academic work and original scholarly/artistic contributions related to Citizen Scholar themes and issues.

Civic Engagement

This credential is achieved through significant participation in and contributions to MSU, local, regional, national, and global communities; generally, coursework or class assignments do not count; however, some service learning experiences may be applicable.


Comprehensive Citizen Scholars Credential Repeating Semester/Yearly and Ongoing Requirements

Global Leadership Theme

  • One reflective project per year relating to self-understanding, understanding of self/others, Civic Engagement, Global Leadership/Understanding that answers CS questions

Professional Networking Theme

  • Meet with advisor/director each semester enrolled in program
  • Identify and meet with faculty mentor – Spring 2nd year in CS program, each subsequent semester enrolled in program
  • CV/resume – updated each Semester
  • Annual Plan submitted each Fall

Research and Creative Activity Theme

  • Participate in year-end CS showcase/symposium each year

Civic Engagement Theme

  • Participate in some form of civic engagement each semester. This can take the form of attending a public or organization policy event (e.g. session of the state legislature, Non-Profit organization board meeting), volunteering for a political organization or party, attending a public information and policy meeting, or other similar activities. Become a part of the civic life of this community or the one you’re living in. See E-portfolio requirements under Civic Engagement badge for ideas about how some of these can be used for your CE badge.