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Option Courses

The CS Option courses are departmental courses approved by the program to meet the requirements specified in the CS Option Course Form. CS students take a minimum of 12 credits in CS Option courses, which may be 2nd-level IAH courses, courses in their primary major, courses in a minor or cognate, or selective courses. A maximum of 4 credits may be at the 200 level; the remaining credits must be taken at the 300 level or higher.

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How to find CS Option Courses:

This list includes all courses currently approved as CS Option Courses. Please note that only courses taught by instructors whose courses have been approved will count; courses with the same number taught by a different instructor are not automatically eligible.

Other ways to count a course as a CS Option:

If you’re taking a course that is not on the list but that you think meets the requirements, take the form to your instructor and ask them to work with you on identifying the skills, knowledge, and attitudes taught in the course that align with the CSOC criteria. Have them fill out the form and submit their syllabus to the CS Program and if the course is approved, you can count it.

In some cases, much like an honors option, you can complete additional work in the course that counts as the CSOC requirements. That is an agreement between you and the instructor, and a brief description of the additional assignments, signed by both of you, must be submitted to the CS program along with the syllabus by the 4th week of the semester. The instructor must additionally submit confirmation that you have completed the additional assignments, and the grade you received on them; if they are approved by the CS program, you will receive CSOC credit for the course.

Recommended Minors that Fulfill CS Option Course Requirement

A minor automatically replaces both cognates, but does not necessarily meet the CS requirement, depending on content and focus. Note: CS Option Courses, a 12-credit requirement, replaces one of your two required ’12-credit Cognates’ in the College of Arts and Letters. Below are groups of courses, specializations, and minors that will definitely meet the Cs Option requirement.