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Citizen Scholars
Citizen Scholar Options Courses

Citizen Scholars Options Courses are courses offered through departments within and beyond the College of Arts and Letters. Each course is approved individually in consultation with the particular instructor, and the faculty have agreed to align these courses with CS criteria, including:

  • Skills, such as effective leadership, creative entrepreneurship, collaboration, communication and expression across cultures, contexts, and media . . .
  • Concepts of self and other, citizenship, community, justice, and ethics, the recognition of difference and particularity as central to democracy . . .
  • Exposure to attitudes that contribute to our capacity to engage with and value a diversity of perspectives, identities, and commitments.

We encourage and support faculty efforts to develop new and exciting curriculum for this purpose, to adapt courses that they already teach, and to accommodate students’ requests to undertake Option projects designed to meet the CS Option criteria in courses not already structured to do so.

These courses may be offered within the College of Arts and Letters, or in departments across the university. Students and faculty are encouraged to discuss possibilities with Sandra Logan, so that we may offer a rich range of CS Option opportunities for our students and for other students who will also benefit from these experiences in your courses.