Here at Citizen Scholars, we are so proud of our class of 2020. In a year of unpredictability, they have prevailed and are ready to succeed in a world that desperately needs citizens who have explored and discovered their passions, immersed themselves in their education, and are now ready to implement what they have learned to make the world a better place. We can not wait to see what they do next!

A woman stands in front of a brick background in a red sweater. She is smiling at the camera with her body facing sideways.
A woman is looking angled at a camera with a neutral face. Behind her is a sidewalk and a tree with fall leaves.
A woman with a flower in her hair is looking at the camera and smiling.
A man with glasses is smiling at the camera in a flannel shirt. He is standing in a field.
A woman is standing in a city. She is wearing a long jacket and has long hair.
A woman is sitting with her arms over her legs. In hr hand she holds a teacup. She wears glasses and is smiling at the camera.
A woman is sitting on concrete steps. She is wearing a light colored polka dot shirt.
A woman is standing in front of a brick wall. She has a slight smile on her face and has long light brown hair.
A person with short hair is standing in front of an autumn tree.
A woman stands in front of a blank background. She has long braids with beads.

Not pictured: Kelly Phalen (Graphic Design) 


A woman is sitting on steps outside of a brick building. She has on a light colored shirt with dots. Her body is angled forward with her face pointed towards the camera.
A woman is standing inside a building with tall ceilings. She has her arms together in front of her and is wearing a sweater and romper.
A woman is standing with a neutral face, facing the camera. She has long, curly hair. Behind her are trees and a big building.

Congratulations Class of 2020!